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Piano Sonata no.1 "Formas e simetrías"

 Manuel López Jorge, piano

Recording: London, November 2013

Composed between 2010 and 2012, this sonata for piano solo receives its subtitle ("Forms and symmetries") from its tribute to three musical structures highly used as movements of sonata since the 18th Century: Sonata form, theme & variations, rondo-sonata. The structures are presented in a very pure, balanced form. Further, the sense of symmetry which is already present in the sonata and rondo-sonata structures is reinforced by placing certain recurrent motifs at the appropriate moments. The theme that opens the second movement is also symmetric (ABA'), structure that is respected in the four variations that follow.

Virtual imagery was present in the pre-compositional thinking and during the compositional process. A conceptual image of neoclassical architecture has influenced the formal choices. The subsections in which each movement is divided are treated as independent musical objects whose characteristics were influenced by pre-compositional images of virtual architecutral spaces. The motion and mood of an imaginary spectator traveling through these spaces is what, metaphorically, provokes the flow of the music and inspires the whole work.

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