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Navarra: Terras do Nahar

for violin solo

Composed during June 2014, this work for solo violin was written for the Navarrese violinist Mª Victoria Jericó. The piece is a fantasy over multiple themes that happen interlocked and influence each other. These themes are mostly original, however there is one of them that is taken from the Navarrese folklore. This borrowed melody is a “Jota” entitled “Mirando el mapa lloró” (Cried while looking the map), which is commonly performed by a solo singer accompanied by accordion or guitar.

The work is conceived as a dream or reverie by someone who is Navarrese and happens to be away from home. The character is mainly melancholic, even painful at times, however some moments of happiness and light make their way through the music. It is hence a piece with strong emotional contrasts. The title makes reference to the Arabic term “Nahar” (river), from which some studies say the name Navarra comes from. These studies affirm that the ancient kings from Navarra signed their statements with the phrase “Reigning in Navarra and the mountains”, which led some researchers to claim that they referred to Navarra as the region of the banks of the rivers.

Premiere: 28-August-2014




Mª Victoria Jericó, violin



Recording coming soon

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