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Lembranzas de Jakobsland

for violin, harp & pre-recorded sound

Jakobsland (Land of Saint-Jaques) is the name that the vikings gave to the territories of the North West of the Iberic Peninsula, mainly known today as Galicia. They tried (and failed) for six times to conquer the territories and take the gold that christians had hidden from the arabs in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where Saint-Jaques is said to be buried. The metaphoric vision of Santiago de Compostela, its cathedral, architectural spaces, together with the landscape and folklor of Galicia inspired another piece of mine, "Jakobsland", for flute, harp and pre-recorded sound, composed soon before this one (early 2013).

"Lembranzas de Jakobsland" (literally, Memories of Jakobsland) is a fantasy on themes from "Jakobsland", written for violin, harp and pre-recorded sound. The piece was inspired by the vision of someone who has travelled through the perceptual experiences of "Jakobsland" and, finally, remembers and reflects. The sonorities of the piece are full of nostalgia and lyricism, but also violence and exhaltation. The work includes two sources of pre-recorded sounds, one of Galician bagpipes mixed with rain noise, and the other of a hurdy-gurdy. These two instruments are representative from the Galician folklore. The piece is dedicated to the Alma Duo, who comissioned and premiered it in late 2013.

Premiere: 10-December-2013


Performers: Dúo Alma

Marta Ramírez, violin

Alicia Griffiths, harp



Recording coming soon

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