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for flute, harp & pre-recorded sound

Between the 9th and 12th Centuries, the vikings attempted several times to conquer the territories that nowadays form Galicia, but always failed. It is in the mythology by Snorri that the name given to these territories by the Northern warriors is found. This name is precisely the title of this piece: Jakobsland, literally, land of Saint-Jaques. The work is written for flute and harp, with the complement of two speakers that reproduce pre-recorded material. This pre-recorded material contains music for zanfoña and Galician bagpipe; it is controlled directly by the performers and is superposed to the flute-harp live music. The piece is inspired in an abstract and metaphoric vision of an imaginary promenade through the architectural/urban spaces surrounding Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral. The dialogues between regular/irregular, narrow/broad, winding/straight spaces, together with different light intensities, play an important role when designing the form and the melodic/harmonic/temporal shape of the music. Therefore, Jakobsland may be considered as programmatic, but following a program of abstract contents. From the point of view of compositional language the piece is lyric, wavy and smooth, with few corners, mirroring the land in which it is inspired. Jakobsland was written for the Duo Finisterrae (André Cebrián, flute. Bleuenn Le Friec, harp), to whom it is warmly dedicated.

Premiere: 15-August-2013


Performers: Dúo Finisterrae

André Cebrián, flute. Bleuenn Le Friec, harp



Recording coming soon

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